My name is Molly Hart and I am a Florida native. I grew up on the beautiful beaches of Anna Maria island with my large Italian Catholic family. My mother is a talented, tough, successful business woman who taught me how to mentally and physical care for myself and others with simple life habits and holistic medicine. My father on the other hand was a commercial fisherman and I grew up on the boat with him eating the freshest seafood, catching seahorses on his crab traps, and running around on the beautiful islands nearby. On top of that I also have three crazy & loving brothers who are truly my best friends.

My household was not one with strict rules, in fact looking back we had A LOT of freedom. Jumping on the couch, throwing the ball in the house, having insane pillow fights, and riding down to the beach to catch and sell some baitfish to the tourist were just a part of life for us. We also talked about everything…and I mean EVERYTHING. My mom always shared her crazy stories of things she did while she was a teen and talked to us about drugs, sex, relationships, emotions, and life in general. She allowed and encouraged us to be ourselves, love ourselves, and care for our one and ONLY body that God blessed us with.

At a young age my parents divorced due to my father’s drug addiction. From age 10 on, I was shown the a female can raise 4 successful children, work a full time job, start her own side business, get her MBA, and overcome cancer. On top of that she also always encouraged us to love my father, be forgiving always, to understand that addiction is a disease, and encouraged us to have a relationship with him despite everything. I went years without talking to my father, and now my millions of prayers have been answered and he is healthier than ever and very present in my life today.

Growing up I was an competitive soccer player and also passionately participated in volleyball, track and field, racquetball, skim boarding, and kayaking on a weekly bases. I knew as a senior in high school that I wanted to be a Physical therapist as it would enhance my active lifestyle. At a young age I was exposed to PT due to my oldest brother’s Cerebral palsey (CP) and later due to my own ACL and meniscus injury. I understood the value of this profession and how it helped my family. I also knew I never wanted to prescribe drugs and saw that conservative approaches is what lead to the most optimal outcome for my family.

I went on to attend the University of South Florida where I played for USF’s Women’s Club soccer team while getting my undergrad degree in Biomedical Sciences. I catered by entire degree, extracurricular activities, and networking opportunities to get into a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. I was accepted first round into USF’s DPT program and became the Class President. I was blessed to have a clinical rotation at the VA’s comprehensive Chronic Pain Program that incorporated all health professions (physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologist, physical therapist, occupation therapist, recreational rehab, vocational rehab). This clinical experience sparked my desire and knowledge for treating persistent pain conditions. I also had a desire to specialize in pelvic health which complimented my persistent pain knowledge due to all the women and men with chronic pelvic pain conditions such as endometriosis, painful bladder syndrome, interstitial cystitis, vaginismus, vulvodynia, IBS, sciatica, pudendal neuralgia, and postpartum/pregnancy pain.

I graduated from my DPT program in August 2017 with a career already lined up at an outpatient orthopedic and pelvic rehab clinic where I received one-on-one mentorship for treating pelvic health dysfunctions. I also finished all of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) pelvic and pregnancy/postpartum courses and I am currently writing my case studies to become CAPP certified as a pelvic & pregnancy/postpartum specialist.

So here I am now, starting my OWN pelvic health physical therapy company so I can go out in the world and educate the public about conservative ways to manage all of our off pelvic health problems. I decided that I could no longer sit around and wait for women and men to come into my office who have been medically mismanaged for years. I was mad that women specifically didn’t know and were not being informed about simple conservative ways to manage persistent pain conditions. They were getting unnecessary and invasive procedures and surgeries done, when the research clearly shows that PELVIC HEALTH PT should be the FIRST line of treatment.

I can no longer play the insurance game that limits women and men from having the amount of conservative care they need. Insurance reimbursement is so low for PT that outpatient clinics have to shorten sessions to keep their doors open, and these shortened sessions means a much longer recovery time for the patient and decreases the quality of care. The healthcare system is flawed in so many ways because of these barriers. Plus women and men who are experiencing pelvic pain, pregnancy, postpartum impairments and other pelvic health concerns cannot just easily get into a car and come to a session for maybe 40 minutes of treatment that may or may not be covered by their insurance. They have pain while sitting in the car, have to arrange for child care, and maybe bring their children to the sessions which makes treatment difficult and not as beneficial.

I am offering the solution! I am going to come to YOU, I am going to LISTEN to your whole story, I am going to do a thorough physical examination without having to rush, I am going to provide extensive education on how to properly self-manage the problem, I will perform appropriate hands-on manual treatment to address the problem, I will spend quality time to treat the problem, I will require FAR less visits and time to address the problem, and I promise to give 100% of my effort to you. Call me, message me, or email me if you have any questions at all or if you would like to schedule an evaluation and get your body, health, and quality of life BACK!


Dr. Molly Hart, PT, DPT